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The future of STEM is bright and these are the students who are illuminating the path. They bring curiosity, determination, and edit to the Wolfpack.

Meet our Graduates

The Class of 2022 enters the professional world ready and well equipped to tackle the challenges of tomorrow, today. Their impact on the program will be felt for years to come. We are thrilled to welcome them into our Goodnight Alumni network.

NC State Mathews Medal Recipients: Niambe James ’22 and Sarah Hall ’22

On this special edition of Have a Goodnight, Anthony sat down with NC State Mathews Medal recipients Niambe James (’22) and Sarah Hall (’22), and talked through their NC State journeys, their legacy, and what it means to receive such a high honor from their now alma mater.

Niambe James and Sarah Hall

Once again, Goodnight has shown admiration beyond personal and academic development through the relationships formed as a whole community. The Goodnight program has had a deep impact on my life and it is something I will carry on forward.

Jafeth Vasquez Cerros

Jay Vasquez Cerros ‘23

Civil Engineering

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