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Year of Return

The following report showcases the sights, sounds and experiences of the Goodnight Scholars Program in 2021-2022 as the program returned to in-person operations

The pandemic had made me feel disconnected from a lot, but Goodnight did a great job of bringing my cohort together and letting us know we had people to lean on.

David Moore

David Moore ’23


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Letter From the Director

Goodnight Scholarships Team
Goodnight Scholarships Team

2021-2022 will forever be the year of “re.” As in, re-turning to normal operations. Reclaiming our traditions and reestablishing our expectations. Reevaluating our practices from an inclusion and equity lens. And perhaps most importantly, re-connecting with our students and re-building our community after a year of pandemic-induced isolation. Our campus, like our nation, confronted a new reality as the pandemic became endemic.

This renewal included the launch of new program activities and initiatives. 2021-2022 saw the debut of our Have a Goodnight Podcast as a way to increase our storytelling and reach. It included a new travel experience for scholars to San Francisco and Yosemite National Park. It saw the creation of new student programs such as Heritage Highlights and Common Grounds. And it was the year that initiated our transfer expansion with the hiring of two additional staff members focused on scholar programming and advising.

Looking back, we felt rejuvenated to be doing the work we love on behalf of the incredible students we serve. I guess if anything, you could call 2021-2022 a welcomed revival.

Annual Report At-a-Glance