Vitus Putra ’22

Major: Computer Science

Hometown: Cary

High School Alma Mater: Panther Creek High School


Some people turn to caffeine to give them energy. Others prefer the adrenaline rush from a vigorous morning workout. In the Goodnight Scholars community, you turn to Vitus Putra ‘22 for a pick-me up. Vitus’ love for life is infectious and a simple five minute conversation with him is the equivalent of having caffeine coursing through your veins. Growing up one town over in Cary, NC State was a pretty familiar environment for Vitus, but even he could not have predicted how much he has gained from being a member of the Wolfpack. Whether he is using data science to improve personalized learning under the guidance of Dr. Min Chi or leading a team to develop an electromechanical prosthetic arm for the Helping Hand Project, Vitus is receiving a premier educational experience that is preparing him to make significant impact in the world. And we, selfishly, in the Goodnight Scholars community get to hear Vitus’ uproarious laughter from the student lounge which brightens our day every time. Fair trade, don’t you agree?

I came to NC State not knowing how I could contribute to the betterment of our world, but the friendship, mentorship, and opportunities that I receive from the Goodnight Scholars Program have helped me to discover new paths and grow as a person.